For those seeking high class luxury in a medium class yacht seek the Princess 42″ Fly

For those seeking high class luxury in a medium class yacht

If it’s a luxury cruise you want, the Princess 42 is the ideal yacht for you. You have 2 cabins at your disposal, two decks (the main and the sun deck) and 2 separate WCs. The yacht has a total length of 44ft, with two sitting rooms, interior and exterior, fully stocked bar and kitchen, access to water sports and many other features.

Suitable for…

It is ideal for you, your friends and family, for anyone who is eager to experience Mykonos or the beauty of the Cycladic islands. If you feel like celebrating your birthday in style, throwing a bachelor’s party, enjoying a honeymoon never to forget, then this is your yacht. And, of course, it is ideal for an onboard business meeting.


You decide on the day’s activities; if all you really want to do is to relax in a shady cockpit or hammock, to sunbathe, read a book, swim and snorkel or to chat with friends, that is up to you. The Captain of your luxurious yacht will generally recommend you the best itinerary as he knows the area extremely well; he knows the prettiest coasts, the quietest beaches and the best areas for snorkelling or scuba diving. But the choice is yours as the itinerary is always flexible; if you discover a place you particularly love, then you can spend more time there.

Guests: 5 Cabins:2 Speed: 25 Knots Length: 42ft
Crew: 2 Year: 2006 Decks: 2 Range: 400nm
Crew: 2 FlyB: Yes Tender: Yes Tv: Yes

All Prices include taxes and are valid for Period AJune 1st – August 30th

Period B ( May 1st – June 1st & August 31st – October 15th ) : 10% Discount

Price for week charter 14.500€ / Plus APA (Diesel, F&B purchases etch)

Price for Mykonos Riviera Daycruise (south coasts) 2.950€ All included

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